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Recent Feedback:

YOU SAID: Shortage of blood test appointments and patients are waiting too long.

WE DID: We have increased the number of blood appointments by over 60 per week. This has reduced the wait to 8 working days as at beginning December and we will continue to monitor the situation. Most days there are also cancellations we are able to offer. Patients needing urgent INRs are always seen.

YOU SAID: It takes too long to get through on the phone. This was the area of least satisfaction in our recent patient survey.

WE DID: We have 15 incoming lines. We have recruited new staff so that there are always at least 4 people answering the calls.
We are promoting use of on-line services for patients to book appointments and order prescriptions.

We have requested a quote from our communications supplier to have access to statistics showing how long it takes for people to get through. We are also looking into the cost of telling callers where they are in the queue.

YOU SAID: The queue is too long at the front desk.

WE DID: We have recruited new staff so that there will be 2 people on front desk at busy times.

YOU SAID: Have information on show about The Lodge cancer services.

WE DID: We ordered more posters and these are now on display.

YOU SAID: Shortage of nurse appointments.

WE DID: We have recruited a new full-time nurse, giving us 19.5 more hours of appointments per week when she has completed her training in the Spring 2018.

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