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If you are on regular medication, your doctor will probably issue a computerised repeat prescription form and explain how it works.  Repeats can be ordered as follows.  

Always allow 2 full working days before collecting your prescription. Don’t leave your request until you’ve run out.

  • On Line: To order prescriptions online click here.  To register for online services please come in to the surgery with TWO forms of identification.
  • Via this website: From Monday 14th May 2018 complete our prescription form at the bottom of this page..
  • In writing: Tick the items you require and indicate if you have made arrangements for a pharmacy to collect.  Either post the form or put it through our letterbox, or in the box provided inside the front door.

Most of the local pharmacies run a collection service.  If you make an arrangement with a pharmacy to collect, please let us know which one.  All you then have to do is collect your medication from them.  This saves us all time.

For pharmacy opening hours in Torbay please click here.

Request repeat prescription(s)
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Over The Counter Medication:

Your GP, nurse or pharmacist will not generally give you a prescription for over the counter medicines for a range of minor health concerns, even if you qualify for free prescriptions.

Instead, over the counter medicines are available to buy in a pharmacy or supermarket in your local community. The team of health professionals at your local pharmacy can offer help and clinical advice to manage minor health concerns and if your symptoms suggest it’s more serious, they’ll ensure you get the care you need. Please help the NHS to use resources sensibly.

Click here for more information including the conditions this applies to

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